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Pure Hydration is the premier IV hydration spa in Chico, offering customized IV vitamin infusions to support your performance, health, and wellness goals. Our customized IV infusions and boosters deliver fluids, vitamins, medications, and other supplements to complement an active, healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to maximize athletic performance or gain energy to power through your busy day, we offer solutions that deliver swift results – all while escaping into a relaxing, spa-like environment.

IV Treatment Services

Book your IV hydration appointment at Pure Hydration and select from the choices below.


Rehydrate and rejuvenate with our primary IV Hydration treatment. This is the ultimate solution to replenish your energy and treat dehydration. Add any vitamin boosters from the menu for extra health benefits.

Myers Cocktail

This world-famous IV infusion was created by John Myers over 60 years ago. A blend of vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, and electrolytes, has proved to help treat everything from migraines and fatigue to menstrual cramps and asthma.

Hangover Relief

Don’t waste the day after a celebration hungover! This IV hydration drip will expedite your hangover by eliminating headaches and nausea—getting you moving with a boost of energy and ultimate rehydration.

Headache Relief

Instant headache relief with our simple blend of hydration fluids, electrolytes, and anti-inflammatory medication.


This IV vitamin drip will boost your immune system and help combat a cough, cold, or flu. The treatment is also beneficial for overall wellness and cold prevention.

Jet Lag

Add this recovery cocktail to your lifestyle. This revitalizing blend is designed to help you energize naturally, bounce back from jet lag, and rehydrate without skipping a beat.


Restore youthful radiance with our IV hydration vitamin cocktail that will leave your hair, skin, and nails revitalized. This beauty blend includes vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and a famous secret weapon – glutathione. This is the mother of all antioxidants and will naturally cleanse and detox your body while enhancing your glow with new collagen. It’s incredibly popular among our nursing staff!

Fitness Enhancement & Recovery

Get an edge on the competition with this performance and recovery infusion. Whether you’re a professional athlete, in training, or just hitting it hard, this IV nutrition drip will help you achieve maximum output and optimum recovery time. Get  vitamins, co-enzymes, amino acids, taurine, BCAA, and I-carnitine that will assist in muscle recovery and regeneration.

Who We Are

Tracy Riddle, BSN, MSN, CRNA

Member of: American Association of Nurse Anesthetist, National Board Certification of Nurse Anesthesia, Society of Opioid-Free Anesthesia, and IV Nutrition Certified

Tracy has experienced jet lag and dehydration after marathons has utilized IV hydration services in larger cities. The results were so profound that she started this company! She now gets a liter of IV fluid prior to marathons for that extra oomph!

Bringing big-city services to charming Chico while helping residents and visitors alike feel their best!

J. Isaac Barthelow, M.D.

Education: B.S. Biological Sciences; University of California Davis Graduated top of class

Medical School: University of California Davis

Training: Ophthalmology; University of Utah – Moran Eye Center

Clinical Interests: Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Eye Disease

Community Service: ARC, Humane Society, Jesus Center, International Eye Care Missions

Interests: Golf, Cycling, Traveling with his family, Raised locally and supporting his hometown of Chico

COVID-19 Updates


Walk-ins are limited and based on availability, Monday-Thursday from 10am-6pm and Friday-Sunday from 10am-4pm. However, scheduling an appointment is the easiest way to guarantee your service. You can schedule an appointment by calling (530) 636-4272 or by clicking the button below.

Staying home has meant new routines and adjusted schedules for many, which can lead to stress and burn-out. Are you ready to get back on track? Come get balanced and hydrated, boost your immunity and beat fatigue.

Pure Hydration, Chico’s first IV hydration company, is run by advanced health care providers in a safe and healthy manner following the current CDC guidelines and current California Medical regulations. In order to keep clients and staff safe, we are continuing these additional procedures and requirements:

• Please wear a mask to your appointment. We greatly appreciate your compliance with this out of respect for all our patients.

• Do not come in if you have been sick or have been around sick people.

• All chairs and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each appointment.

• We are continuing extra cleaning of all surfaces, door handles, etc. multiple times per day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we practice social distancing and work to keep our community safe during this pandemic. The health and safety of our staff, patients and community is our number one priority.

“With a super busy schedule, feeling exhausted had become a normal part of everyday life. I didn’t realize that fighting the exhaustion with multiple cups of coffee was not only putting a temporary Band-Aid on the situation, but also worsening it with dehydration. A friend recommended trying IV hydration at Pure Hydration, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. One visit on Sunday keeps me feeling energized all week long and allows me to focus on work in a way I haven’t since I was in my 20s.”

Aveed Khaki


Feel Your Best.

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